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Meet Our Governors

The governing body and school staff have a responsibility to avoid any conflict between their business and personal interests and affairs and those of the school. There is a legal duty on all governors to declare an interest likely to lead to questions of bias when considering any item of business at a meeting and for the governor concerned to withdraw, if necessary, whilst the matter is considered.

To help put this duty into practice, a governing body is required to establish and maintain a register of pecuniary interests indicating, for all governors and the Headteacher, any business interests. This should include, if appropriate, the company by whom they are employed, directorships, significant shareholdings or other appointments of influence within a business or other organisation which may have dealings with the school. They should include their own interest and those of any member of their immediate family (including partners) or other individuals known to them who may exert influence. The register will enable governors to demonstrate that in spending public money they do not benefit personally from decisions that they make.
Please click here to view the Fixby Governer Attendance 2015-16
Please click here to view the Fixby Governing Body Register of Business Interests
Please click here to view the Fixby Governing Body Terms of Reference
Please click here to view the Fixby Governing Body Code of Conduct
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Please send any correspondence to:

The Chair of Governors - Mr S Conroy

Fixby Junior & Infant School

Lightridge Road




The Clerk of Governors may be contacted through:-

The Director of Education

The School Governor Service

2nd Floor Kirkgate Building

Byram Street​



Telephone : 01484 221000

Wherever a vacancy occurs for a Parent/Governor, the Headteacher will send written notice of the election in a letter to be taken home by the pupils.