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      Fixby Vision
Preparing our children for their future. Encouraging them to be confident, successful and
responsible individuals, ready to thrive in modern society.

The Fixby Values

Fixby provides a Values-based Curriculum. This means that we promote and teach a set of values to our pupils that will ensure they develop the skills to be good citizens in the future. We support our curriculum with a set of principles (values) that are woven into teaching and learning in order to develop improved social and emotional skills that will positively affect behaviour.

There are 6 values that we consider to be universal:


Each term we focus on a different Value in assemblies and wherever possible the value is taught in other areas of the curriculum. Most importantly, adults in the school ensure that we are role-models for each of the values.

Teaching children values improves pupils’ self-esteem, improves their behaviour and raises standards of learning even higher.